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Drug and alcohol addiction can take their toll on your life in a matter of months. If you've been an addict for years you're not alone. Renton Drug Treatment Centers can help guide you toward the right center for your recovery.

When you seek help for an addiction, you'll get people on your side who understand what it means to be an addict. This understanding will allow them to help you in a way that well-meaning friends and family members simply cannot.

Going through addiction alone can be a frightening experience, but you don't have to suffer in the dark any longer. Pick up the phone and call us at (206) 785-7474 to take the first step on the road to recovery now.

No addiction is too severe to be helped, and there's no such thing as an addict who has been using for too long to stop. You have the power to quit, but you need professionals on your side if you want to do it the right way. Call us now to get the help you know you need.

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Are You an Addict?

Addiction is very powerful, and before you know it, recreational drug use or alcohol use can turn into abuse. This often happens to people who believe they are just having fun with friends and family.

Once you begin to drink or use drugs regularly though, you put yourself on a slippery slope. Many people simply can't control when they become addicts. A lot of addicts aren't even sure if they qualify.

While addiction can be tough to define, there are some guidelines that can help you understand if you're an addict that may need help through Renton Drug Treatment Centers.

Common signs of addiction include:

•   You can't control the number of drugs or alcohol you use at one time. Many people who use begin to lose control of their consumption as they become true addicts. This can put you at serious mental and physical health risk.

•   You hide your drinking or drug use from friends and family. Addicts often disconnect with people they care for to avoid being judged.

•   You are experiencing legal trouble because or your alcohol or drug use. DUI, arrest and the fines and court dates associated with heavy drug and alcohol use can keep you from getting a job and ruin your interpersonal relationships.

•   You have problems with friends and family members because of your drinking or drug use. Many people may not want to be around you because of your addiction.

•   You have tried to quit using drugs or alcohol, but you are unable to do so on your own. This is a common problem among addicts and it indicates that you are no longer in control of your drug or alcohol use.

Reach out to us so you can begin the process of changing your life for good. It's never too late to end the cycle of abuse that can otherwise ruin the rest of your days.

Can Renton Drug Treatment Centers Help?

Addiction treatment in Renton and surrounding areas can seem foreign from the outside, and if you're like many addicts, you wonder how it can help you at all. The fact is that you can get the treatment you need to live a better life.

When you contact us, we can help connect you with a treatment facility that understands your specific addiction. We work with detox, inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs to ensure you get the best possible treatment for your needs.

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Going through addiction treatment can seem frightening from the outside, and if you're like most addicts, simply changing the routine you've had for months or years can put a lot of stress on you. The alternative of staying an addict simply isn't a good option though.

When you pick up the phone and call Renton Drug Treatment Centers at (206) 785-7474. We can help you begin to understand your addiction and how to beat it. Best of all, you don't have to be alone through the process of getting help. We don't think that should be entirely on your shoulders when you're suffering from an addiction. Make the call today and take the first step toward a better life.

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AA White Center Thu, 8:00 PM White Center / St. James Church 9415 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98146
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